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GPS Horizontal Atmosphere Furnace

I. Equipment Name: GPS Horizontal Atmosphere Furnace

II. Equipment Type: YF-2000-10

3. Equipment Manufacturers: Liaoning Yifei Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: China, Liaoning, Huludao and Dongdaihe New Area

V. Use of equipment:

(1) Sintering function of nitride engineering structural ceramics;

(2) Sintering function of cemented carbide;

(3) Sintering function of metal materials;

(4) Sintering function of composite materials.

VI. Performance indicators of equipment:

(1) Effective space: 650 mm *650 mm *2100 mm;

(2) Maximum furnace loading weight: 1100 kg;

(3) Rated temperature: 1900 C;

(4) Maximum operating temperature: 1850 C;

(5) Accuracy of temperature difference in effective zone: +4 C;

(6) Limit vacuum: 1 Pa;

(7) Working vacuum: 1 Pa;

(8) Vacuum leakage rate 2 Pa/h (average 24 hours);

(9) Maximum rated pressure: 10 MPa;

(10) Maximum working pressure: 8 MPa;

(11) Rated voltage: 380V (+10%).50HZ;

(12) Current rated power: 650KVA;

(13) Total power supply capacity: 700KVA.

VII. Technological parameters of equipment

(1) Temperature control mode: automatic computer control;

(2) System operation control mode: full automatic control, industrial computer interlocking;

(3) Furnace shell material: 16 manganese pressure vessel steel manufacturing;

(4) Thermocouple model: WRe5-26;

(5) Number of heating zones: 4 heating zones;

(6) Furnace body structure: horizontal, double-door, hydraulic cylinder control;

(7) Equipment safety performance: locking, over-temperature, over-pressure, cooling, automatic interlocking alarm.


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