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ADDRESS:Yanshan Road, Liaoning East River District wearing No. 11,East Zone A

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      Liaoning Yifei Technology Co.,Ltd is located in the east of Liaoning Dai River District,formed by former Suizhong Yifei artificial crystal science and technology limited company is foundedthe overall transformation, high performance structural ceramics and other inorganic non-metallic materials and products, R & D and production of high-tech enterprises.

      Scope of business: development and manufacturing of artificial crystal ceramics, special industrial ceramic, composite ceramic, industrial kiln ceramics; ceramic machinery products manufacturing; ceramic products import and export business; machinery and equipment manufacturing and sales.

      Company's main business for the high nitrogen compound ceramics, aluminum nitride and aluminum silicate ceramic materials applied research, product development and production management, the independent research and development and has the intellectual property rights of the high nitrogen compound ceramics, aluminum nitride and aluminum silicate ceramicseries products mainly include: pouring cup, gate set, pipette, except for aluminum liquidtransport developed composite ceramic material gas bar, vertical flow tube, shunt plate,aluminum liquid lever, insulation furnace lining brick, special industry, the heat resistance,corrosion resistance, erosion resistant materials preform and application of high nitrogenpackage, high temperature furnace and low heat insulation furnace, liquid metal, aluminumcasting. Rolling with the front box and other high-precision aluminum casting industry specialequipment two major categories of more than 400 models of products, and is widely used inCITIC Dicastal Limited by Share Ltd such as more than 70 domestic and foreign aluminum wheel production enterprises.   

       Companies adhere to the road of scientific and technological innovation, to "focus on new materials application fields of development, upgrading of enterprises new product" for the mission, the principle of "quality first, customer first" business philosophy, is committed to become the aluminum wheel manufacturing quality services, sincerely welcome overseasbusinessmen and friends from all walks of life to visit the guide, negotiate business, and seek common development.