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ADDRESS:Yanshan Road, Liaoning East River District wearing No. 11,East Zone A

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Vision: the most respected high-tech enterprises

Continuously listen to and meet customer needs, guide and exceed customer needs, win customer respect;

By enhancing the status and brand image of the enterprise, the employees have a high sense of corporate honor and pride, and win the respect of the employees.

Promote the healthy development of inorganic non-metallic materials industry and win industry respect.

Mission: Focus on the application of new materials and develop new products for enterprise upgrading

To integrate products and services into the production of customers and bring them high efficiency and energy-saving operating dividends;

Pay attention to customers'different requirements for products and provide differentiated products and services.

Business philosophy: quality first, customer first

Quality is the foundation of enterprise survival and the key of development.

Focus on long-term development, do not hurt customer value because of commercial interests.

Talent Idea: Grow Together and Create Excellence

Talents are the cornerstone of enterprise development and innovation